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About Us


Our Mission

Traditional Catholic Pilgrimage is committed to one goal: a pilgrimage according to the tradition of the Holy Catholic Church to the Eternal City: Rome, which is  the threshold of the apostles and the city of martyrs. Pilgrims will undertake this journey as a religious act of devotion: Saints will be venerated, acts of penance will be performed, but the main purpose is to ask this spiritual favor of Almighty God: that, if it pleases Him, He would protect the Traditional Liturgy of the Latin Rite which was brought and continues to bring so many millions to His Truth. Pilgrims will bear witness to this love for the Latin Mass. Stay in nice accommodations, assist at the Tridentine Mass daily, and be a witness for Tradition for all to see. Traditional Catholic Pilgrimage is a project of Verso International Retreat LLC.


About Vincenzo

Bold vision, Catholic intellectual tradition, proven leadership, Detroit street-hustle, multicultural and multilingual. This is who Vincenzo Randazzo is.

Vincenzo is a faith-filled, world-traveling, entrepreneurial servant leader, with a proven track record of helping all kinds of people encounter Christ’s Truth in bold and compelling ways. This is the theme that’s animated him throughout his career, from every position he’s held to every venture he’s led.


Highlights along the way include:

  • Organizing and executing a Roman pilgrimage for 25 young adults alongside Archdiocesan bishops

  • Twice leading pilgrimage groups to World Youth Day in Panama (2019) and Poland (2016)

  • Pulling off three dynamic annual conferences that fed the faith of hundreds of Twin Cities men

  • Solely providing authentic Catholicism and Catholic Culture for Notre Dame students studying abroad at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway during the academic year 2021 - 2022.

  • Producing viral videos in Rome for devotees of the Traditional Latin Mass

If you’re interested in having Vincenzo speak at your next event or are looking to organize a fun and faith-filled pilgrimage abroad. Vincenzo is always eager to collaborate and explore new possibilities. Drop him a line!

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